(Very) Slow and (Somewhat) Steady


It sure is hard to stay motivated when a person is so exhausted!  However, it is a bit easier when your newborn (who, at 7 weeks, isn’t that NEWborn anymore!) has only one wake-up period in the middle of the night and the sun is shining and your husband is a wee bit worried that you might be catching some post-partum depression and is encouraging extra sleep and time to yourself.  That being said, it has been eight days since I last stepped on the treadmill.  But, like I said before, I am not going to be hard on myself.  I am going to celebrate when I actually am able to achieve some accomplishments!  I’ve been able to go on some short walks to a few different parks and that will continue.  I am trying to watch what I eat, but right now I’m in the rut of eating all the things and then hardly eating at all the next day.  I know this will even out.  Forgiveness is key.  If I start hating myself now, that entire box of mint chocolate chip ice cream will be gone.  🙂

So, today?  I walked on the treadmill at 3.0 for 16 minutes and then at 3.5 for 5.  I’ll slowly make my way up to 3.5 the entire way… and then to a 30 minute workout.  From there?  I’ll likely start going a bit faster, but it might take me a few months.  This is ok.  Every step counts…but so do good quality moments with my two sons as this year of maternity leave will be over before I know it and I’ll likely never have this much time with my children every again.  All things in moderation at this time, but I’ll get there.  Gotta lose the baby weight (10 more pounds), then gotta get down to where I was a year and a half ago (10 more after that), and then time to focus on the big long term weight loss.  And if it took me 15 years to put it on… I can’t expect myself to lose it all in 5 months.

Easy does it..  🙂



Remember me? :)


It has been a LONG time since I’ve posted in this blog, but I could use some motivation and accountability so here we go again! And, as always, super proud of Courtney and her insane crazy fitness level.  🙂

A brief update on me since I last posted… I had two miscarriages and a successful pregnancy!  It’s been an emotional ride, that is for sure.  My new little son is 6 weeks old and I haven’t ran at all in 11 months, but this morning I took a deep breath, strapped on two sports bras, dusted off the treadmill.  It wasn’t very impressive, was mostly speed walking, and was cut short by about 20 minutes due to a crying 3 year old and 6 week old who decided that now NOW, for whatever reason, was when my full and undivided attention was needed…but I did it!  My speed and stamina will build up and I am signing up for six races between the end of April and the middle of July varying between 5K and a half marathon.  I don’t expect that I’ll be running all of it, but I’ll be out there moving my butt.

I miss the sense of accomplishment I had when I was running and now that I am done having children, I want to get my body in a place where I feel like it is really mine.  It will never look like a model’s, but I want it to feel like my own.  I am a week into tracking calories on MyFitnessPal and I’m back to wearing my FitBit Charge HR almost every day. I have a jogging stroller and when it eventually stops snowing up in this northern tundra, we will get outside every day, going for walks, and exploring what the world has to offer.

Dec 15th


Ahh Monday’s! Everyone’s favourite day of the week!! Being a stay at home mom, Mondays aren’t so bad. All my days really melt together, somedays I forget what day it is! I know when the weekends are because the man is home!

Monday I did a circuit I’ve done many times, it takes me about 45 minutes and I’m usually exhausted by the end. I’ve been trying to take less breaks between sets. Keep my heart rate really high!! Then I did some cardio and I was out!! I didn’t want to work to hard, knowing I was doing insanity the next day!!

Anyone out there do a lot of insanity?? How long did it take you to get conditioned to the high intensity??

Dec 10th – 14th


The 9th was a rest day, not by choice but because I had prior plans.

Dec 11th

A good day.
I did a 30 min full body circuit and
did a fat burner up hill on the treadmill.

Dec 12th

I did an hour long circuit and 20 minutes of running. I was pretty tired after this one!

Dec 13-14

No gym these days but the amount of time I spent walking should count for something??? Right?!!!!

Why is it always so busy this time
If year? I get that’s it’s Christmas but I am still trying to understand why time seems to go quicker! I almost need an extra hour every day just to catch up!!

Insanity Dec 16th


So yesterday I signed up for a 4 week insanity program at my gym and last night at 7 o’clock was the first class. My oh my, it really is insane!!! About halfway through I was exhausted, I felt like I could vomit, it was so intense and it was an entire hour with very little breaks. It went super fast but man oh man, I was so tired and sore by the end I could even do tricep dips that’s how insane it was! I’m actually excited about this class because it’s so different from what I normally do. Usually I do my circuits that I’d come up with on my own or pulled from the interwebs, ones that consists of the eight main body parts and my cardio, whether it be uphill walking for half an hour or running or stairmaster, elliptical whatever, but those are things I do all the time this is completely different. I felt dead but great all at the same time. I’ve never jumped so much in my entire life! Seriously!!! Me and jumping might just become friends.

Food wise I’ve been doing really good. I’m back to my trying super hard not to eat like crap all the time. Adding in more vegetables, drinking my smoothies, I’m snacking on protein bars, nuts and dried fruit. Trying really hard to limit the garbage and it is so hard this time of year because there are sweets and treats and Christmas things everywhere. I have been doing a really good job of keeping my calories under 2000, closer to 1900 and the highest is about 2200 on days where I work out pretty hard or am super busy and I just feel like my body needs the nourishment. This is always such a bad time of the year to try to get back on track but I think I’m doing a good job and that really is all that matters. I’m sure I might have a few slipups on the weekend, but I’m making a point to eat great all day and only have maybe one bad meal or eat a piece a cake but just not go back for seconds!!

What do you do during the holidays to stay on track? What keeps you focused? Right now, really my goal is just to lose weight, I know it’s a bad goal but I gained quite a bit and I just want to loose it. I’m doing pretty good so far I’m down I think about 5 pounds in under three weeks. I’m going to assume a lot of that was just bloat and getting back on track but at least I’m happy with my results!!

I will try to update from the few days that I’ve missed BUT I was working out! They’ll be short little posts but I’m getting there!!!!

I hope you are all having a great Christmas season!!

Day 8


Monday, Monday oh silly Monday!! What a busy day I had Monday! I got to spend the day at my sons school for their Craftapalooza! Out of the 12 crafts they had my group only missed 2! It’s hard keeping little people’s attention ya know! Especially after the whirlwind of a weekend I had and the fact that I was exhausted! Even though I would have lived to just sit on my hiney and do nothing I did go to the gym! This is what I did.

Run 6mph-12min
3x each set

Step ups 10each leg
push ups 20
weighted walking lunges 10each leg

squat jumps 12
Tricep dips 12
Elbow plank with leg lift (KILLER) 30 total

1min wall sit
30 bicycle crunches
Side plank 1 min each side

Total burn – around 650-750cal

I was pretty tired by the end. Those plank with leg lifts really kicked my ass!

Was an ok good day. I ended up indulging a little in the end but I caught myself and took my hand out of the bag of chips my husband brought to bed.

Today I will be taking the night off as I have prior plans but I will be back at it tomorrow. I start insanity at the gym next week so I need to go and be asses or something!

Until then!
Hope everyone had a good burn today!

Day 5-Day 7


Friday – rest/ husbands Christmas party day! I did good Friday, I ate good all day and made sure I wasn’t starving before we went to the dinner. My plate from the buffet was filled with veggies and salad and Turkey before anything else and I might have had one extra dessert but it sure was delicious!

Saturday Kyle and I went to Marmot Basin, Jasper Canada. First time in the hill since last year. It was great!

We left town at 5am and made it to the hill by 9:30, 10 and we were on the chair and headed up!an snowboarding is hard work! I was sweating by the first run down! The second run my back binding broke and I had to ride the whole hill down without my back foot strapped in. My calves sure got a work out from that! When we stopped for lunch I was like an empty pit!!! I ate my healthy lunch that I had last packed AND then we went to the chalet to fill up on carbs because u healthy lunch did nothing for me!! We stayed on the hill until 3pm but by then the weather had turned and visibility was shit. The drive home was horrible but all in all a great day!


Sunday was also a rest day. We had a sleigh ride and families my Santa dinner with nana and papa. It was a great day minus being exhausted by the end. (I had a hard time caring what went in my mouth Sunday!) it wasn’t a horrible day but I could have made better choices….but I didn’t and I don’t care! 😉 I fell asleep around 9-9:30 that at night! For this late nighter it was needed!!

Update on Monday to come!!