Baby it’s cold outside!!


Welcome Winter! We’ve all been waiting and you’re finally here and you came with a BANG! So. I live up north. WAY up north, well ok, not that far but just outside Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. On Friday November 15th we had NO snow. Well trace amounts but it had rained for a few days so it was gone. By the end of Sunday we had……….24cm! No joke, then it kept snowing, and snowing. Until Monday afternoon. We now have over 28cm of snow!


That is my moms vehicle parked in our driveway. There is more snow than that on it. She’s in Toronto, Ontario and probably thinks I’ll shovel it out and sweep it off. I haven’t yet. I’ve shovelled enough in the last few days! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining, I think the snow is beautiful. A winter wonderland, and I have winter tires to drive around in it! The thing that sucks is the tempuature. It dropped to -20c, maybe -25c with the wind chill. It’s freezing out there! I need winter boots bad! my 3 year old crappy air walk boots are not cutting it anymore.

What’s winter like where you are? Maybe you’re luckier and are somewhere that it snows but the temp is more mild!

Keep warm,



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